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The TechSolCom IT Group introduces an iPhone version of its Namminik application

Posted on 08/24/09 No Comments

The Techsolcom IT Group introduces an Iphone version of its Namminik application. Namminik, a free web-based application launched in 2007, allows users to list all their personal belongings or assets in one place. For each item, a short description, purchase price or value and a photo can be added. This secure and always available inventory [...]

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Namminik catches the eye once more

Posted on 08/11/08 No Comments

Namminik,TechSolCom’s On-Line Personal Inventory Manager keeps gaining in popularity. This growing interest forNamminik generated more attentionfrom the media as well. Click here for the link to the article featured in Le Journal de Montréal. Click here to listen to the radio interviewon Montréal Maintenant on FM98.5.

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Rock Band contest : and the winner is…

Posted on 02/28/08 No Comments

After running the contest for over a week, we announced the winner of the video game Rock Band. The winner was randomly drawn on February 22nd from all new users of Namminik who had mentioned M.Net when they registered to the free, on-line home inventory system. The Rock Band video game was awarded to François [...]

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The Namminik media craze continues

Posted on 02/19/08 No Comments

Friday, February 22nd, Felix Martineau was invited to present Namminik on Radio-Talbot. Also, Namminik was featured in the Metro Journal

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M. Net presents Namminik on Musique Plus

Posted on 02/05/08 No Comments

For the public launch of our new, free, on-line home inventory system, Namminik, TechSolCom offered the viewing audience of M.Net the chance to win the latest hot video game Rock Band for the Xbox 360.

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Introducing Namminik, personal inventory manager

Posted on 12/27/07 No Comments

Namminik is a Web 2.0 application which allows you to easily manage your entire inventory online, and proves to be an alternative much more reliable than a sheet of paper or a file on your computer. Namminik means “his/her own possessions” in Inuit dialect — a simple word which lives up to its meaning when [...]

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