Taxi New-Brunswick

Taxi New-Brunswick allows you to quickly find a taxi, using your phone’s GPS and the cities listed.

Finding a taxi in New-Brunswick is now easier: in a few seconds, find a nearby company, call it and add it to your favorites list. Contribute to the list of taxi companies by adding it, if not already in the list. You can, moreover, evaluate a taxi company and post a review which will be visible by everyone.

Key features :
- Available in English and French
- Add a company to your favorites’ list for quicker access
- Compatible with iPhone 4 “Retina Display”
Please note: An internet connection is required to use the application (3G or Wi-fi).

Taxi New-Brunswick is available in the following cities:
… and more! Please see the complete list of cities in the application.

If your favorite company is not listed, you can use the form in the application to let us know.

Click here to download the iOS version of Taxi

Click here to download the Android version of Taxi