Is it time to expand your business’ visibility? Showroom can help you get a head start. Designed for iPhone and Android it can help increase your market share by keeping your customers updated with your latest products. Increase your company awareness by staying up to date with the latest technology trends.

Have a head start on the mobile market and especially… over competitors!

An application which suits you

Showroom is tailored according to your needs, effortless. TechSolCom takes customizes the application on your behalf.

Updated whenever requested, this bilingual mobile application is accessible from all search engines.

At a glance:

  • Virtual catalog of your products: Showcase your products in an elegant way using a customizable three level hierarchy, facilitating navigation for your clients. By default, the first level is category, displaying various items of your choice. The second level is a list of all products from the category. Finally, the detail tab is where users will find a detailed description of your products, sharable on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Locator: Find a store near you! This is an effective communication mean allowing users to quickly contact you. This locator uses Google Maps for directions to your points of sale.
  • Search: An effective and quick way for your customers to find the products they are looking for.
  • New or on sale category: Display your latest products!
  • Google Analytics: This is your app traffic analysis! Google Analytic benefits are endless: how many customers have visited a product, how much time have they spent using your application, which products are trending are just a few examples. At a glance you’re in the perfect position to make your own advertising and improve your marketing plan.

Being a custom application, it is possible to include other tabs such as a biography, a wish list, or a shopping cart! Once the application is developed, it will be available on the AppStore and on Google Play.


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Available soon on AppStore and Google Play

MD Leblanc application Available soon on AppStore and Google Play!