Park in peace

Mark your parking place with the GPS, set your parking meter alert and find your way back to your vehicle directly from your iPhone in English or in French.

Park in peace will trace the route to the parking of your vehicle.

“Park In Peace” helps you find your car by figuring out how far you are from it and how to get to it through a detailed map with the use of your GPS. Avoid unfortunate parking tickets by setting your parking time in “Park In Peace” and then access the interface to view your remaining time.


  • Mark your parking lot
  • Take note of your meter number.
  • GPS positioning (GPS required).
  • Distance in real time between you and your parking spot (GPS required).
  • Countdown the time remaining on your meter.
  • Warning times fully configurable.
  • Clear and intuitive interface
  • Get the fastest route to your car through the automatic “Plan”.

** Most of the above features require Internet access via 3G or Wi-Fi


1. Parking lot location

Park in Peace automatically locates your position through your phone’s GPS (Subject to availability of GPS receivers, a margin of error of plus or minus 100 meters is taken into account).

2. Register your parking spot

Press “Park Here” to register the location of your vehicle.

3. Describe your location

Click on “Parking meter” to enter details of your parking, such as a brief description of the location or the time remaining on the meter. Furthermore, you can configure the “Recall” to ensure that it notifies you before you run out of time.

4. Take a photo

Take a photo of the parking lot or its surroundings.

5. Find your car

Get directions to your vehicle and guide yourself using “Street View” (This feature uses Google Maps).

Click here to download the iPhone version of Park in Peace