Namminik is an online service which allow you to easily list your personal property. It’s a free, anonymous, and safe way to prepare in case of insurance claims, or simply to keep track of your assets in one place.

At some point, you probably tried to keep inventory of your assets on a sheet of paper. However, it is far from being a safe solution; misplacing it can cause quite some trouble. How would you like listing your assets in just a few clicks and access it securely from anywhere? That is exactly what Namminik offers.

Start by creating an inventory of your goods. It’s so fast and fun, you will get hooked right away! If you are in a hurry, Namminik allows you to add your assets whenever you have a spare minute.

For your convenience, Namminik allows you to categorize your assets. Create your own categories so it can better suit your needs. Be creative, but organized.

To fill a claim with your insurer, you are just a click away from generating a report of your damaged assets. Send it just as easily to your insurer, and voila! Simple and fast; Namminik allows you to file your claims in just a few clicks.


A. Create an inventory of your personal goods

After signing up, Namminik proposes right away to add your assets, one by one, with the ability to describe, add photos and specify their values. You can do it all at once, or overtime whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

B. Modify your inventory

At any time, you can add, edit or delete entries in your personal inventory.  Namminik evolves with your lifestyle. For example, you decide upgrade your television.  If you opt to keep your old unit, add a new item in your inventory; otherwise, you can change the old entry by adding a new photo, description and price. Flexibility is a key element in Namminik!

C. Organize your inventory

Organize your belongings easily and according to your needs: the location in your house, property type or importance. Find the style that suits you! For example, you want to add a microwave. Create a category “Electronics” and add to it your brand new oven!

D. Informer son assurance

Enter all your insurer information, and at the slightest concern, send him the list of all your personal property damaged. For example, a significant part of your house suffered from water damage. With a few clicks, generate a report of the assets involved, and send it to your insurer. This rapid and detailed inventory will save valuable time… you will be refunded in no time!