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Urban Journalist for iOS - Your photos, your story

Urban Journalist

Thanks to Urban Journalist, you can now send photos to your favorite newspapers directly from your iPhone. In addition, you have the option to write a description and display the address where the photo has been taken.

Namminik - The free home inventory available for iOS and Android


Namminik allows users to list all their personal belongings and assets in one place. It offers them to supplement their personal inventory, which gives easily access to them list of their goods in case of a disaster.

Park in Peace - Never forget where you parked your car again

Park in Peace

Mark your parking place easily with the GPS, set your parking meter alert and find your way back to your vehicle directly from your phone.


Time to expand your business’ visibility? Showroom can help you get a head start. Designed for iPhone and Android it can help increase your market share by keeping your customers updated with your latest products.


This application is essential for every wine lovers in Quebec. You can get ideas of good wine depending on the meal, information on available products, store promotions and directions to the nearest branch.

Desjardins Site Finder

Site Finder is an application build on GPS positioning and internet access functionalities, which help clients find the nearest branch to their location.

Sur la Route - Never stay in traffic again thanks to this iOS and Android application

Sur la route

Sur la route (On the road) is an application that allows you to plan your route by displaying the traffic cameras of the Ministry of Transport of Quebec.


Taxi allows you to find and call taxi company of your choice using the GPS or the list of cities listed.

Themis Multifactum

Themis Multifactum’s Calculation Tool calculates your deadlines (days or weeks) and quickly adds them to your calendar with reminders or alerts and additions of notes.