IBM WebSphere Cast Iron

TechSolCom has a wide WebSphere Integration Solution Cast Iron experience. We can help you meet your integration challenges quickly and let you focus instead on your business objectives instead of wandering around.

The problem

Can not have a consolidated view; your data is spread in different applications.
  • Unable to quickly answer:
    • Where are my orders?
    • What are most worthwhile opportunites?
    • Has this client covered his bill?
    • Where are the bills?
    • Do I need to validate the customer’s credit?
  • Productivity loss:
    • Constant switch between applications
    • Back and forth approach
    • Manually process data between applications

Cast Iron WebSphere solution

WebSphere is a Cast Iron integration solution specifically designed to integrate your Cloud / SaaS applications with your business applications.

A fast update

Updates typically last between 5 and 10 days, thanks to a wide variety of templates for different integration scenarios.

Example of a template and SAP integration (Click to enlarge)

ROI WebSphere Cast Iron

Through the many integrations we’ve done, our partners have benefited of savings between 25% to 80% when comparing the TCO of WebSphere Cast Iron to that of developing a bridge between your custom applications.

Savings for business lines

  • Reduced ERP licensing costs – The Cloud users no longer need access
  • Reduced labor costs – Manual data entry no longer needed
  • Increase productivity – Removes back and forth data transfer

Savings for IT

  • Reduced development costs for integration – There is only a setup, no coding
  • Reduced costs of maintenance and monitoring – Easy to update and finding errors
  • Increased productivity – Senior Resources are assigned to strategic projects

We can help you evaluate an estimated Cast Iron ROI

Case Studies WebSphere Cast Iron

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