IBM WebSphere Datapower

Companies often face many problems in technology. These problems may be related to difficulties in integrating applications and services, which are associated with constraints such as:

  • Security: exposure of web services, XML feeds, or internal applications open;
  • Complexity: number of growing environment (Java, Oracle, SAP, …), technical skills

These constraints often have a major impact on development time, delivery times, customer satisfaction and ultimately, the competitiveness of the company. With IBM DataPower TechSolCom can offer you:

  • Secure access to enterprise applications via web services, implementing security policies, filters and encryption
  • Optimizes the interconnection between standardized protocols at very high speed. Includes web services, messages, files, and access to BD
  • Used to transform data from different formats, including XML, legacy, custom or standard
  • Captures and emits events to facilitate the performance management of web services
  • Products

    Websphere DataPower Integration Appliance XI50
    Websphere DataPower XML Security Gateway XS40

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