Integration (SOA)

You can count on a team that specializes in integration consultancy service to help you achieve the business agility you need through your process and in order to cope with market challenges.

Implement best practices for integration to capitalize on your assets, address the challenges of technological obsolescence and increase your speed of delivery (“time to market”).

Our Services

Why deal with us?

  • Avoid making mistakes costly integration architecture with our experienced consultants;
  • Benefit from the experience of our consultants to implement your SOA governance model, determine your costs and profits, build your target architecture and to develop and implement your integration solution (BSE);
  • Our team is certified partner and integrator of IBM following:
    • IBM WebSphere DataPower;
    • IBM WebSphere ESB;
    • IBM WebSphere Cast Iron;
  • Our team of advisers who also mastered the technology integrations include:
    • WebMethods;
    • Mule;
    • Microsoft BizTalk;
  • Our team works regularly with our partners to facilitate the implementation of innovative and effective solutions that integrate well with your organization.

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