JIRA Administrator Training

JIRA offers a very flexible configuration system, but all this flexibility also brings complexity that takes some time to understand. Our JIRA Administrator Training last 3 hours and will make you save weeks of learning on your own.

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  • JIRA users wishing to become JIRA Administrators
  • JIRA Administrators wanting to understand every aspect of JIRA administration
  • JIRA Administrators who want to learn best practices


  • Each property and system is explained in detail
  • You’ll be taught the JIRA configuration best practices
  • You’ll discover common pitfalls to avoid when configuring JIRA
  • Develop a complete mastery of the JIRA workflow engine
  • We reveal essential JIRA plugins we use in all our projects

Training Plan

  • JIRA General Configuration
  • JIRA Project Administration
    • Issue Type Scheme
    • Notification Scheme
    • Permission Scheme
    • Issue Security Scheme
    • Field Configuration Scheme
    • Issue Type Screen Scheme
    • Workflow Scheme
  • Helping a project team in JIRA
  • JIRA Workflows
    • Defining the workflow
    • Transition screens
    • Workflow security
    • Events and notifications
  • Other JIRA functions

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