Business Intelligence

TechSolCom proposes an iterative working method in order to satisfy customers needs. This method enhances fast benefits delivery and provides a good return on investment.  Furthermore, our experts have acquired the necessary qualifications to effectively integrate software vendors’ offered solutions.

More specifically, TechSolCom  coaching services include:

  • Establish the business intelligence environment (vision, tools, governance, best practices, action plan, etc.).
  • Propose a strategy for implementing corporate business intelligence. Strategy implementation across several components, including architecture, product selection, design and validation of environmental business intelligence components (technology architecture, volume, data model, etc.);
  • Define vision (Justification and ROI), data definition, governance, management processes, selection of technology and best practices, and management processes of an environment of business intelligence;
  • Manage project implementation, starting with planning, project organization, implementation and the establishment of an operational environment to ensure business continuity. TechSolCom uses an iterative methodology for intervention proven and supported by a comprehensive range of tools to promote the efficiency of project teams;
  • Execute the implementation of the proposed solution by developing algorithms for processing and loading (ETL / ETC), data counters, multidimensional analysis tools, dashboards, KPIs and reports;
  • Provide training and coaching for end users and the team responsible for providing operational support.

In order to provide professional services that meet the standards of performance of high-level projects and to propose the most effective solutions, our strategy of partnering with software vendors allowed us to obtain certification of our resources on families of the following products:

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