Business Intelligence & CRM

TechSolCom offers you qualified consultants with experience in business intelligence, including more than technical tools.

To achieve success, an experienced team is needed to take a project or a situation through all its phases.

In the past, many projects which had a high degree of business intelligence requirements didn’t deliver the expected results to the companies who invested large sums in their development. Often, these projects simply focused on the technology without bringing the business benefits to the organization.

The reason: The solution must address not only the technology but also the data. Proper knowledge of this data and how we want to handle it is paramount. It is key to transform this data into information!

To ensure success, an experienced team is needed in order to guide a project through all its phases. TechSolCom can intervene on all levels:

  • Health status of the business intelligence environment (vision, tools, governance, better patterns and practices, action plans, etc.);
  • Implementation of business intelligence within corporate strategy;
  • Vision, definition of data, governance/structure, processes, technology, improved patterns and practices, justification/ROI, etc.;
  • Project management and data recovery;
  • Planning, organization and implementation of project management business intelligence best practices;
  • Architecture, design and validating of business intelligence components (technological architecture, volume, etc.);
  • Selection and implementation of tools from companies like Cognos, BusinessObjects, Microsoft and Information Builder;
  • Development of transformations and downloads (ETL/ETC);
  • Training/coaching and development: experience with IBM’s DataStage, Cognos’ Datamanager, Informatica and BusinessObjects data Integration.

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