Our approach

TechSolCom experts may be joined to your team to provide depth and external knowledge in your projects. Our intervention model is very flexible allowing you to use our services:

  • Integrated into your team;
  • In our local offices;

Our Services

Our teams can address the needs of projects, within the solutions offered by TechSolCom :

  • Architecture (Business, Enterprise Solution, Technology);
  • Analysis (business, functional, UML);
  • Design (design, layout);
  • Development (proof of concept, pilot, production);
  • Quality Assurance (functional testing, regression, volume and performance);
  • Sales, installation and software integration of our business partners (IBM WebSphere, Oracle, Atlassian, Orchestra, Alfresco ..);
  • Start of production (automation);
  • Support for post-implantation;

How we work

Our experts at TechSolCom use standardized methodologies for its clients and best industry practices in the approach.

  • Management Approach Agile;
  • Access to a management portal to monitor and daily assignments;
  • Use tools JIRA (Management) and Confluence (GED) centralized for all projects;
  • Formalism approach to architecture, documentation and management;
  • Iterative development based on best practices (standards development and internal libraries very rich);
  • Managing source centralized, secure and automated delivery and deployment;
  • Analysis of code quality and performance automated;
  • Backing up the implementation in production;
  • Support for post-implantation.

Our value-added approach

Doing business with TechSolCom mean using a highly specialized team with many technological achievements and certifications to their credit.

Our teams have access to:

  • At a great depth of expertise in the team standing TechSolCom;
  • Laboratory with all the products we offer in our solutions;
  • Support manufacturing through the highest levels of partnerships;
  • Several libraries in achieving our common knowledge base;
  • Development environment, complete testing and quality assurance;

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