The founders

The executive team is a group of talented managers, experts in business management and technology who adopted an ambitious growth strategy with a long term vision for the needs of companies.

Our organization model enables us to benefit from a team with a human dimension. TechSolCom, a tight-knit team whose founders-directors are:

Jean Perron

Président, co-founder

Mr. Perron is an entrepreneur and business architect with over 20 years of experience in information technology, 13 of which in architecture. He holds many technical certifications and has a vast experience in all spheres of business architecture and system integration.

The management positions he has held, leading large teams, within financial institutions and consulting groups, enabled him to establish targeted practices in useful areas of expertise, characterized by a practical and efficient approach.

Paul Gamache M. SC.

Executive vice-president and vice-president of research and development, co-founder

Mr. Gamache is an expert in the design of J2EE information systems. He keeps himself up to date on new developments and trends in this field. He holds a Master’s Degree in information technology and has over 20 years of practical experience.

He delivers architecture and design of high volume and high availability J2EE information systems. Combining rigor and innovation, he holds many technical certifications in the Java and WebSphere world.