Language policy

TechSolCom commits to deploy all efforts to implement the required control measures necessary to attain and maintain the registry program of the Office québécoise de la langue française.

We have adopted a policy promoting the use of the french language in our firm. This policy includes the followings :

  • Acknowledge the right of all employees to use IT in french;
  • Promote the use of the french language in IT;
  • Install French software by default on all workstations, to the extent that a french version of the software exist;
  • Provide maintenance and general availability of a french version during the development of software;
  • Remain in compliance with all requirements of the “Charte de la langue française” associated with the acquisition of new material;
  • Adopted a purchase clause guarantying the compliance of the new material.

TechSolCom is committed to have all points of this linguistic policy fully respected.