Green policy

For the Management and employees of TechSolCom, the protection of the environment is a constant preoccupation.

We took concrete measures to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainable growth.

Here are some of those measures :

  1. We reimburse employees for their public transportation costs. A large portion of our permanent employees use this ecological mode of transportation;
  2. We promote the recovery of all containers and recyclable materials in our work environment;
  3. We reduce the use of paper by limiting paper copies to communications with our clientele and for legal documents;
  4. The company encourages its employees to use carpooling services (ex: AlloStop) and carsharing services (ex: CommunAuto). Many of them use these services daily;
  5. All memos released to employees,clients and the internal administrative documents are transmitted electronically and filled online.

The one-tonne challenge

In order to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, TechSolCom gives its support to public programs that promote the use of public transportation by reimbursing the monthly public transit passes of any permanent employee who makes the demand.