The commitment of all collaborators is mandatory in order to meet the high criteria we have set for our consulting services. This commitment helps preserve the integrity and reputation of TechSolCom, an enterprise conscious of its responsibilities with regard to society.

The code of ethics defines the applicable principles that must be followed by all our collaborators in order to achieve our objectives in this domain.

The principles of TechSolCom’s code of ethics are the followings :

  • We establish with each of our clients a partnership based on mutual trust and respect and we act in order to preserve this relationship;
  • We only accept mandates that are within our field of competence;
  • The consulting expert must refrain from engaging in any activities incompatible with his/her responsibilities and duties at TechSolCom and in all client interactions;
  • We are committed to subordinating our own interests to the interests of our clients, to avoid and declare any conflict of interest, real or potential;
  • The consulting expert cannot accept benefits from anyone as it is clear this advantage would be given with the premise of influencing his/her decision, impartiality, judgment or loyalty;
  • We consider confidential all information received or collected from our client. These informations can only be communicated within the boundaries established with the client;
  • We pledge to respect the choices, decisions and actions of our client as the responsibility of such actions falls on him/her.

Control measures

Any failure and/or omission of any of the principles stipulated in the present code of ethics constitute a derogatory act and may lead to the imposition of corrective and/or disciplinary measures by the Management.

Anyone who considers that a consulting expert is in violation of the present code of ethics or any of the internal administrative rules must inform the president, or if it is himself, the executive vice-president.