What our brand means:

TECHSOLCOM means that our team masters the TECHnologies of our centers of expertise. This expertise along with our experience enable us to offer and implement excellent SOLutions. Our consultants and practice directors facilitate the COMmunication with our clients and partners to deliver solutions in order to meet their needs and demands.

About the use of our name

We are TechSolCom IT Group Inc., hereinafter called TechSolCom.

Our definition of the “expert”

We have a highly qualified pool of experts at your disposal to carry out your projects. The word “expert” is applied to someone who acquired with experience and practice a great ability. Our expertise is at your disposal in the form of consulting services supported by concrete and measurable accomplishments.

TechSolCom relies on the quality of its consultant team

In addition to our broad client experience that ranges across a vast spectrum of major projects, we rely on the certifications acquired by our consultants. These certifications enable us to deliver state of the art services in accordance with the highest standards of the Industry.